The Great Runaway

I have deep roots in Texas, thanks to the five generations (on both sides of my family) that came before me. My earliest ancestors came from Kentucky to Texas by covered wagon in 1830. Composed of father, mother, an 11-year-old son, and three younger girls, they probably traveled with extended family, all looking forward to […]

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My Great Grandfather

My great grandfather, Jefferson Yarbrough was shot and subsequently killed while defending a woman from her abusive husband in Jasper Tx, in 1918. But he didn’t go down without a fight. After being shot he pulled his Colt’s .45 and fired at his fleeing killer striking the fleeing man in the right elbow. The arm

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Fishing With A Trotline

One of the stories told at night to us kids by our dad Ernest OJ Vaughn while we were camping alone along the river. This is the story as told by him around the campfire. As a young boy I would sit out a small trotline at the mouth of a small creek along Arkansas

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The Wind

There is an old dirt road hidden within the piney woods of East Texas…. It’s near the farmhouse I grew up in as a child… It’s lined with fallen brush and debris of those age old Texas pines… It was more than a trail, more than a road; it was a sanctuary, and all mine…

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