East Texas City

Kilgore, Texas

Home Of The Rangerettes

Visit The WOrld's Richest Acre Park

In the early 1930s, two gushers miles apart signaled the discovery of the biggest oil field of its time. Overnight, the tiny farming community of Kilgore swelled to 10,000 people eager to strike it rich. Today, a park filled with replicated derricks marks the spot once known as “the world’s richest acre.” The excitement and harsh realities of that period are realized at the East Texas Oil Museum, where visitors can walk the streets of Boomtown USA. In the realistic, full-sized street scene, workers toil to free vehicles mired in the mud, while visitors, like yesteryear boomtown residents, can enjoy an ice cream soda, go to the theater, listen to a jukebox, or browse the shops. A Texas Main Street city, Kilgore has a glamorous side that is on display at the Rangerette Showcase, which honors the world-famous Kilgore College precision drill and dance team. Visitors will get a kick out of seeing memorabilia dating back to the team’s founding in 1940.

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