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In this time of social distancing and self-quarantine, the Texas Forest Trail invites you to take the time to share a story about East Texas with not only your family, but all of East Texas. The roots of those who live in East Texas run deep and strong. The area is known as the gateway to Texas. Texas heritage and culture are everywhere – from historic downtowns, restored buildings, landmarks, and designated historical sites.

In a time when travel is discouraged, we implore you to take a break from binge watching Netflix and spend time sharing something about East Texas that speaks to you – the story about how your Uncle helped build the railroad, how a great grandfather owned the first clothing store downtown, your ghost encounter in a local hotel, or how many generations of your family have lived in East Texas. We want to help you share these stories through our social media. They deserve to be told. Especially at a time when reflection can help us focus on positive things. Tell us your stories of the days gone by and we will post them for all to read. It’s a way to have a human connection while we work together for the greater good of the community. To view the media release about the contest, click here.

You can win a $500 cash prize or a “We Are East Texas” prize pack by sharing your story with the Texas Forest Trail. A total of 3 stories will be chosen and the winning story will be the one which receives the most amount of votes from our followers. All stories received are posted here.

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